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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


ADP – Automated Data Processing
AIS – Automated Information System
(C) – Confidential
CNWDI – Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
COMINT – Communication Intelligence
COMSEC - Communication Security
COSMIC – NATO Top Secret
DAN – Document Accountability Number
DCID –Director of Central Intelligence Directive
EO – Executive Order
FAX – Facsimile
FGI – Foreign Government Information
FOIA – Freedom of Information Act
FOUO – For Official Use Only
FRD – Formerly Restricted Data
ISOO – Information Security Oversight Office
ISSO – Information Systems Security Officers
LIMDIS – Limited Distribution
MR – Mandatory Review
MTMC – Traffic Management Commands
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NOFORN – Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NSDD – National Security Decision Directive
NTM – National Technical Means
OADR – Originating Agency’s Determination Required
OCA – Original Classification Authority
OMB – Office Management and Budget
ORCON – Originator Controlled
PDD – Presidential Decision Directive
PHV – Permanent Historical Value
PROPIN – Caution, Proprietary Information Involved
(R) – Restricted
REL TO – Release To
RD - Restricted Data
RSEN – Risk Sensitive
(S) – Secret
SAP – Special Access Program
SAR – Special Access Required
SCI – Sensitive Compartmented Information
SF – Standard Form
STU – Secure Telephone Unit
(TS) – Top Secret
(U) – Unclassified
U.S. – United States
USA – United States of America



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