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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The starting point for any discussion of US Government (USG) classification & secrecy is CAPCO:

Prior to CAPCO, USG classification was haphazard and inconsistant. DoD, DoS and IC (and DoE as well) each had their own methods and markings, which were largely incompatible.
CAPCO standardized the processes and the markings.

CAPCO is managed by the National Archive, Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO). ISOO produces manuals and guidances on CAPCO, such as ISOO Implementing Directive No. 1
ISOO Dir No. 1 is the starting point for understanding.

Overarching DoD implementation of this can be found in DoD 5200.1

A more thorough discussion can be found in the NIMA guide (NIMA has since renamed to NGA):
Of particualar interest is introduction of the / separators. This document has extensive tables of possible combinations.
Also notes appropriate use of FOUO (and improper use)
Later section go in to great detail about using the full codes.

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